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* New Uniform for 2019 will be required by all players. 
* The season will start with indoor training on 1-13-19 with RPG

This year, our pre-season gool is to get in shape with Rochester Performance Gym

Plan to get in shape for the 2019 RUSL 2019 Season starting this January 2019 

2019 Registration Will Open November 2018
      * Go to the 2019 Registation tab to register on line once open. 
New for 2019 is our new preseason work out wiht RPG
The team at RPG focuses on teaching proper movement patterns that can enhance lacrosse, other sports, and life in general for the athlete!  All of the following youth athletic performance programs place a large focus on developing correct mechanics (running, jumping, starting, stopping, etc.) at an early age.  By creating these positive habits, we can progress the athletes safely over time to build skills, speed, and strength that translate to injury free, improved performance on the field!

3/4th Grade:

  • 5/6th Grade
  • Continue to teach and refine movement patterns
  • Progress movements more specific to Lacrosse and general athletic performance
  • Develop speed and agility techniques in a fun, team environment
  • Introduce new movements that begin to teach athletes how to create more force/power
  • Will start indoors on 1-13-18 with RPG
  • Two (2) local tournments for 2019
  • 7/8th Grade:

  • As of 1-22-19, You will need to call Bob DiMarco for Registration information 

  • Prepare athletes for HS lacrosse/sports
  • Will be an A and B team.  Will have tryouts for the A team. 
  • Advanced techniques for speed and agility
  • Lacrosse specific plyometric drills
  • Introduction to weight training; emphasis on proper form and movement patterns
  • Will start indoor training on 1-13-19 with RPG
  • Two (2) local tournments for 2019 
  • There will be tryouts for the both teams once we get outside.
  • RUSL will carry and A and B team based on the amount of kids that register. 


NEW   2019 will bring a new style Uniform to our program.  All players will need to have this new uniform for the 2019 Season.   A sheet will be in packet at the time of registration. 


Rochester United Sharks Lacrosse Board is getting ready for this Fall and the up coming 2019 Spring season.

New for 2019, the Suburban League will have an "A" Team and "B" team brackets for the league. The RUSL U15 (7th/8th grade) team will have try outs February 2018 for the "A" team, more to come on that.

You will need to sign-up before the tryouts if you want to be considered for the "A" team.  If you sign up after the try outs, you will go to the "B" team automatically. 

This year RUSL was able to give three (3) scholarships at all three (3) Rochester area high schools.  It has been a goal of ours since 2004 when we started the RUSL program.  Our goal is to keep the scholarships going in the coming years. 

The board and I, want to thank this season's parents and players for the fun times. In the coming years, we will be looking to improve and make changes to help the children grow in lacrosse. 

Robert DiMarco 
RUSL President 



The Sharks Lacrosse Club was started in the Spring of 2004 by Stew Kowalski.

In his early years, Stew was a walk-on lacrosse player at Michigan State University where he gained a wealth of knowledge about the game of lacrosse. Later, Stew took on coaching lacrosse at Troy High School. To this day, Stew is the only coach in Michigan history to win back-to-back lacrosse state championships at the high school level. His coaching peers also selected Coach Stew as ‘Coach of the Year’ in the State of Michigan.

Stew has three sons and in 2004, he realized that they needed a place to play locally. Stew approached the Suburban Lacrosse League and joined the league with the Avon Sharks. The name was based on the Township “Avon” where Stew lived. His son, John, developed the Sharks name and the original logo.   Stew also served on the Suburban Lacrosse League board with a goal to focus on player development at the middle school level.

The enthusiasm of coach Stew and the players kept the Sharks going for the next several years.  The organization realized that this program would receive no school support and that the management and the funding would come from the parents. In 2007, Coach Stew recruited Bob DiMarco, who has three sons of his own that all play lacrosse, to help lead the program forward.  After a couple years, Stew decided to return to high school coaching. He took on a head coach position for a brand newly formed lacrosse team at Avondale High School where his youngest son was attending school.

The first few years after Stew left were very difficult, but very enjoyable years. Bob DiMarco took on two teams, a 5th/6th grade team and a 7th/8th grade team.  As the coach and manager for each team, he had to quickly prepare the players, many of which had never played lacrosse, for the lacrosse season each spring.

Who We Are Today

The Sharks program is not a high-level travel team.  It is a program that focuses on developing players, so that they enjoy their high school lacrosse programs and beyond.  Many players, over the years, have gone on to play varsity lacrosse for Rochester Adams, Rochester High, Stoney Creek, Avondale High, and Notre Dame Prep.  We have several kids over the years that have been awarded college scholarships for lacrosse.  That is what it’s all about, from the days when Coach Stew started the program to where the program is today. Sharks lacrosse develops players that go on to be leaders on the field and in our community.  The impact is apparent: today, we have several players that have come back to coach to give back to new players and the program.

In 2012, the growth of the sport had the Sharks faced with too many players.  Boys in 3rd and 4th grade wanted to play so they were allowed to play ‘up’ with the 5th/6th grade team.  The Sharks organization recognized that these boys needed their own team to give them opponents of like size and ability.  Also, the 7th/8th grade team had so many players that it challenged the coaches to get everyone playing time.

In 2013, a 3rd/4th team was added as well as a second 7th/8th team.  This decision proved successful.  In addition to two new teams, several young ladies joined the teams and played by ‘boy’s rules’ because of the lack of girl’s teams in the middle elementary school level.


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